Home Stretcchhh …

Whew, praise Jesus!  We are all gonna make it!  I could gripe about the trauma and drama involved with keeping one spousal unit and two teenage kids on task; or describe the frantic knitting and then felting escapade (had to wash those slippers FIVE times to finally get them the same and correct size!); or even the madness marathon with my color laser printer/Windows 10/and one evil and completely unhelpful Staples employee – that eventually ended in my successful ability to outmaneuver printer settings – but it was total touch and go there for hours!

Nope … not getting into it!  Instead – I will show you the 3 (that’s right, count them THREE!) custom cabochons for badge reels of the adorable Miss Lucy {Yorkie}, which are currently finishing off a fire polish round in the kiln.

custom image glass

I just have some final gifts to wrap, a cake to bake and a couple of counters to scrub, with almost 18 hours to spare.  HAHAHAHAHAAAA!  I win.  And, I am getting entirely too old for this sh*t!  [But, everyone gets a bit of hand-made me for Christmas … heavy sigh!]

Thank goodness for puppy breath, as these adorable faces saved my sanity throughout the week!

mah female 5 wks5 wk old pup

Enjoy your Friday everyone … I know I will!  Oh yeah – MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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