Frustration …

with surgeons and teenage girls had me excessively busy with my hands this week – as I tried to keep my mouth quiet!  knit-earringsSpecial thanks to my dad, who let me vent about the surgeon.  If you’re not going to listen to your patient, why bother talking to them in the first place?!? … ‘Nough said!

Back to busy hands:  I’m knitting with beads and really fine thread.  Those are size 0 needles (glorified tooth picks) and hex beads, knit onto earrings:

knitting-earrings   beaded-knit-earrings

And, I finished my hat:


I also continue to play with chainmaille:  A moebius sample piece and a copper byzantine/glass ring bracelet …

chainmaille-moebius  chainmaille-bracelet  bracelet-with-glass-rings

And, finally – the finished beaded pearl bracelet:


Not even touching the teenage gripe.  Chalking it up to hormones, and hoping for a better week …  Umm ~ it could happen!

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