Just because …

This post is just because I can!  And – because I have a few photos to share …

I’ve been a busy beading-ninja!  I’m working on bracelets and pins/pendants and wire-wrapping, OH MY!  Here are a couple of bracelets – one done and one a work-in-progress:

 beaded-bracelet-done       beaded-bracelet-WIP

my Yorkie pin ... layer oneAnd, SHHHHHH – don’t tell anyone, but I’m working on a Yorkie gift for a family member (15/0 seed beads … can you say TINY and BLIND!!!):my-wire-wrapped-earrings

Here are my first wire-wrapped earrings, made from sterling silver wire (because I wear so much silver!)  …  Anyway, not perfect, but I’m happy:

So … the completed projects together:


my-julep-b-claire-hatWe’ve got some driving/appointments going on this week, so I have a quick-knit hat started:

And – last night, DH and I had date night, with the girls (my friends from grade-school/high-school) and their beau’s.  We had a great time, I was reminded again of how fun life can be, and then we went to a comedy club.  The tiny little tables with itty-bitty baby seats are not meant for anyone with ‘junk in their trunk’, so my fat-a$$ was killing me by the time it was over, but you know, otherwise … it was fun.  The head-lining comedian was Derick Lengwenus … you can see a bit of his act here.  Not necessarily kid/work appropriate, but he has what I viewed as a male-version of Meg Ryan’s scene in When Harry Met Sally that is pretty awesome!  I didn’t search for it, but … funny! 

I will also be spending time in my studio this week.  [Yay!!!]  I have a couple of projects lined up, and I have some shipping to do … so, even sans-water … watch out, here I come!

In between all of this, the twins and I have been catching up on BBC’s Sherlock (season 3), as a family-movie-night event.  Very exciting season (and now available at Amazon.com, although you can watch it on-line for free)!  How long before season 4, do you think??? 


Have a great week, y’all …

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