Watching grass grow …

That’s about how exciting surgical recovery is, on a day to day basis … for me.  [No offense to lawn maintenance operators …]  Or, more accurately, waiting for skin to grow (incisions to heal) … exciting stuff, I tell you!  Or, it would be, if that’s all I had going on.

helms-weave-chainmailleLucky for me, I have some other interests, and THANK GOD for the internet!  Here’s what I’ve been up to lately.  Chain maille.  Really cool stuff.  And, there’s a lot of it out there, from whole outfits (move over, Fifty Shades …) to jewelry.  I like the jewelry.  So, I’m playing with jump rings.  I made a Helms weave piece … for what, I’m not sure yet.  But, I made it! 

And then, I moved onto a bracelet.  I want to make one with other (color) crystals/beads, but – I still like it!


I’m still knitting, but it’s hit a wall … I may or may not totally rip out what I have done on this necklace, as I (think I must have) dropped a stitch. (Second photo)  While I decide what to do – it sits … (last photo is the designer’s necklace from book)

knit-necklace-in-progress  gappy-stitches  knit-beaded-necklace

And, then there is this scarf.   I like the pattern a lot!  But, it’s knit in length, not width.  Which means 450 stitches completes one stinking row … That is some slow moving knitting!  It’ll be pretty when I get it done ~ someday …


In the meantime, with assistance (do not yell at me for over-doing, doctor!), I bottled some 5 dozen bottles of wine.  So, at the end of the day – the party is at my house, since I can’t get in to my hot tub yet … Let’s see how long 5 cases of wine lasts.  I think I read that wine helps skin grow, right ???


BTW – over 5 months smoke-free (applause) and still no water in my studio (WTH!?!) as we endure snowmageddon in Michigan … Time for more wine!!!

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