A good day …

A few good hours in the studio, and I’m one happy girl!  That added to the fact that the stitches are FINALLY out, I’m healing and starting to feel human again!

So – my good day:  It actually started a few days ago, when DH and I took some items to local shops, and I ‘peddled my wares’ and now they’re being sold in those stores.  SWEET!

I made some quick earrings last night and today (such silly little things that make me happy) (…BTW, remember my peacock bracelet from forever ago?  I finally made some earrings to go with …);

Dichro moon earrings 

blown glass earrings glass twist earrings peacock earrings

Got some photos taken for listings;

 gold wire wrapped pendant      dichro heart necklace

Two kilns running (here’s what I have in one – 2 special requests and an experiment); 

dichro pieces

And I’ve spent some time deciding what other projects I’m going to work on next:  metal stamping, PMC, copper enameling, some quick bottle cap art, additional vinyl plotting, sand blasting and beading/wire wrapping.  While trying to move the other projects forward too (special requests).  Oh – I love having extra time to go through books!!!

beading and stamping books  enamel and pmc books  bottle cap pieces

And, I’m seriously contemplating adding a new toy (system) to the studio, and day dreaming about it too … A digitial decal system … Ohhhhhhhh, nice!!!

Now, back to being a mom with dinner duties …  And talking DH into this teeny, tiny little purchase!  Winking smile

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