Busy with baby steps …

I’m still a knitting-maniac while I wait not-so-patiently to be feeling better.  Here are my latest quick-knit projects.

my-anemone-hat  more-knitting  cherry-blossom-headband

And, I tried my hand at chainmaille (jewelry style, of course) … I like it.  So, I’ve been surfing for much needed supplies and equipment (cuz I have too much time on my hands)!


B Hershberg bookI’m also gathering supplies for beaded knitting projects (thanks to this book).

I made it out to the studio one time – for about two hours.  I’m going through withdrawals!  But, DH is claiming he can’t turn the water back on until our crazy cold Michigan weather warms up.  (No water = no bathroom.  This means I can’t hang out in the studio all day, like I want to …)  The cold weather also means the (neapolitan mastiff) girls and I are having an ongoing slumber party, as it’s too cold for them too!  Here they are (everyone except Izzy and Olivia – who are sleeping on the other side of the room), ‘watching TV’ with me …  The snoring is amazing!

Mia, Kat, Juicy and Blondie

In the meantime, I’m seeing my surgeon frequently.  I am hopeful the stitches can come out this week (3 wks post surgery) … we’ll see.  Things are healing, just not the way the doctor predicted/outlined, which means I’m not moving as quickly as I like. Apparently, someone (me?) missed the memo about delayed wound healing and laying low … Thank goodness for internet shopping (therapy)!

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