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Exhausted … But – you know, in a good way … (AKA WWU)

The way that a third-shift nurse, mom, MAGICIAN feels when she crosses that marathon work-tour finish line with all pieces successfully juggled/managed.  Sure … at the final 20 minute push-point, it meant maintaining a 1:1 behavior-medicine watch, while acclimating a new team member,… Read More

Busy with baby steps …

I’m still a knitting-maniac while I wait not-so-patiently to be feeling better.  Here are my latest quick-knit projects.     And, I tried my hand at chainmaille (jewelry style, of course) … I like it.  So, I’ve been surfing for much needed… Read More

Birthdays, chores and studio news

Happy Birthday to DH!  And to celebrate his special day … we’re painting the living room.  Two tons of fun, let me tell you.  But we’ll be having Christmas (with my dad) here in just a little bit, so we’ve got to get… Read More