Birthdays, chores and studio news

Happy Birthday to DH!  And to celebrate his special day … we’re painting the living room.  Two tons of fun, let me tell you.  But we’ll be having Christmas (with my dad) here in just a little bit, so we’ve got to get busy!  Good thing I love a challenge.

living-room3 living-room-4 living-room-1 living-room2

Speaking of challenges – with this cold weather we’re currently ‘enjoying’ … Brrrr! … my water pipes are frozen in the studio.  DH has his furnace (in the downstairs of the barn) on now, trying to thaw ‘em out.

Meanwhile, I finished my Maggie panel.  I would mat and frame it, but all of those supplies are currently behind my living room furniture … DOH!  Maybe next week.


And, I’ve played with some freeze-n-fuse pieces.  Tried to get tricky and put glow powder on top of the moon/sun … didn’t work – oops!  But overall, I like it and my head is spinning with ideas. 

fnf-prefire     cast-glass-trial-post-fire

Yorkie-pups-6-daysThe Yorkie babies turn one week old tomorrow.  They’re doing great as they adjust to life on the outside (- and Mom too).  We’ve still got a long way to go, but I feel so much better once we get that first week ‘under our belt’.  It will be a couple more weeks yet before they open their eyes and several months as they grow out their hair … so they’re still looking very much like ‘doberman mice’ …

In honor of the ‘Old Guy’ – we’ll take him to our favorite family restaurant for dinner tonight.  It might lessen the pain of aging (when he sees his birthday discount on the bill) … Winking smile

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