Month: February 2013

Uh Oh …

I just ‘attended’* another glass class … A new technique – and now the ideas are flowing!  It’s not my fault … DH gave me the ‘go ahead’ – so that makes it more his fault than mine, don’t’cha think?  Just a… Read More

Ahhh … Friday

Brings about the end of another week … but a good week.  A few things from the studio:  New slumped bottle, “Cocktail”; more boiled blanks – I’m still working out the tweaks, but I like them, while slowly building up to a… Read More

Another Deadline Met …

And now, we can close the books on Christmas 2012.  It was touch and go there for a bit, as DH and I were struggling to get to the bottom of the punch list, while enlisting the aid of our ALL-TOO-EAGER teenage… Read More

Busy … what else is new

WWU: I love this* … it so appeals to the sarcastic me.  Oh how I wish we could implement it at work.  I’m including a copy from the internet, as I don’t know who to credit for this brilliance! (I saw a… Read More