Busy … what else is new

better pain chartWWU: I love this* … it so appeals to the sarcastic me.  Oh how I wish we could implement it at work.  I’m including a copy from the internet, as I don’t know who to credit for this brilliance! (I saw a printed copy being passed around at work … if you know – please tell me.) *BTW – the explanations are PERFECT – a must read!  Winking smile

As to other WWU – I may or may not share some later.  I had some interesting cases, did some good work, and struggled through some annoyance (DARN 20-somethings, anyway!) … But, we have a busy week ahead.  Getting new carpet later today in our freshly painted rooms (living room, stairs, hallway), a few meetings (DARN SANE!), some deadlines to meet, chores to be done.  This won’t leave much time for the studio … But –I am working on this:  A glass rendition of my parents Yorkie, Lucy.  Here’s the tweaked photo and here is what’s cooking in the kiln now.  Fingers crossed …

lucy3x5      lucy-prefire

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