Full Moon, Fractured, Floundering … equals Frustration

As I drove to work this past weekend and finally laid eyes on the very low in the sky VERY FULL moon, I found myself repeating ‘Crap … Crap … SHOOT!’ on the whole drive in … Where the full moon weekend, along with crazy weather, made it’s presence known.  Fractured minds was the focus.  From established diagnoses to newer, lesser-accepted complaints – the amount of energy-expenditure (on behalf of my patients, and thus me) was … noteworthy – and bothersome!  I’m still thinking about it (the science behind it, and the day to day reality – both to the patients, families and the nurses that care for them) …

Then I came back to my ‘haven’ … home and my studio.  I’m having a rough week (or two).  The ideas are bubbling over, so quickly that I can’t seem to grab hold of one long enough to play.  So – I’m scouring the ‘net, and adding to those ideas.  I ALMOST feel manic at times … Which is when I tell myself that idea gathering isn’t nutty.

Anyway … all of this leaves me frustrated!  But, it’s okay.  I’ve got other stuff going on:  The living room is painted, new carpet will be installed on Monday; I’m gathering new recipes to try like a wild-woman;  I’ve found a Netflix series to start and catch up on (it’s called ‘Being Human’, ironically enough); and I’m fumbling in the studio … I’m still fighting feelings of frustration – a lack of focus combined with a need to CREATE!  But, I’m working through it.  I have a [pitiful] few examples to share:

boiled-glass   plaid-glass   component-pieces

I read an art/glass blog (5 years worth) this week, and I understand that ideas pause, pulse(!), fluctuate and move into other directions – add to it that life continues, and I get it … I’m moving in a forward direction, at my own pace, while life influences combine with deadlines, chores and responsibilities.

I’ll leave with a quick pic of one of those responsibilities … The Yorkie pups are 2 weeks old today – cute little buggers.


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