Another Deadline Met …

And now, we can close the books on Christmas 2012.  It was touch and go there for a bit, as DH and I were struggling to get to the bottom of the punch list, while enlisting the aid of our ALL-TOO-EAGER teenage offspring.  But we made it, had a fun family evening and my Martha Stewart image is maintained for a bit longer.  And, everyone loved their homemade gifts – my step-mom cried over her Lucy present.  Awww …


So, with a clean house I can move on to other projects (like my messy studio) and take a quick breather before the next deadline … ‘PARADISE’ – which will be quickly followed by ‘Close of Tax Season 2012’, me-with-Xmas-loot,-Mimi-and-Maggie‘Catch up on Work Competencies, part 86’ and whatever else life throws my way.  But it’s good – right now we’ve earned a break (yeah, OK, I’m writing this before I head off to 24 hours of weekend ER nursing fun – so technically DH has earned a break) … Yep, it’s all good. 

Time to get ready for work …

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