Month: March 2013

Surrounded by cuteness …

News from the den:  All are doing great.  Eyes and ears are open, we’re moving into gruel, and starting to cruise around in the whelping box.  We had a photo-shoot, and while there are so many adorable pictures to choose from …… Read More

Gathering as we grow …

WWU:  Someone decided it would be a good idea to have me as acting charge nurse this past weekend … WTH?!?  Such a silly notion!  But we got through, and outside of a huge THANK YOU to my co-workers, I have nothing… Read More


Darn that Pinterest, anyway … It’s devil’s-spawn, I tell you.  Stumbled on a knitting pattern that caught my eye … so, now I’m knitting it.  Here’s the creator’s pattern link, and here’s what I’ve got going so far:  If you’re an avid… Read More


Yep … I’m feeling better!  (Cally … too stinkin’ cute!) Might even make it to the studio today … [Fingers crossed]

Getting Back in the Groove …

WWU:  Oh Paradise – where are you?  I had a tough weekend.  With alleged abuse/DV, delirium tremors, pregnant folks with belly pain, along with the latest bout of flu patients who arrived by-the-bus-load … Arrghh!  I’m missing Paradise!!!  Sunday night was crazy/busy,… Read More

Back to Reality …

Although – LOTS of times, our reality is pretty AWESOME! We have puppies … Yep, Zeus is a first-time dad, and DH is strutting around, ready to pass out cigars – he is so proud of HIS BOY!    Thirteen new bundles of… Read More

Ahhhh … Paradise!

‘Nuff said … 😉