Surrounded by cuteness …

News from the den:  All are doing great.  Eyes and ears are open, we’re moving into gruel, and starting to cruise around in the whelping box.  We had a photo-shoot, and while there are so many adorable pictures to choose from … I chose these.  I love the James Brown-esque-ness of the last photo.  Can’t you just hear him singing “Waaaoow!  I feel good!!!” …? 

is-this-cute  3-week-old-Neo-pup  Waaaaooow!

Meanwhile, the Yorkie pups are intrigued by the Neo pups – and their gruel.  Cute little Heathens!  Smile


Decided to start (and finish) a quick knit scarf.  (Tahki’s one ball drop stitch scarf, if you’re curious.)  Still making progress on the Candle-Flame project. 

drop-stitch-scarf      candle-flame-scarf-progress

Next week will be all about taxes, I promise Honey …

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