Spring cleaning …

Kinda … well, not really.  I’ve spent the last few days fighting with my computer (the browser), unable to surf my usual sites (including this one).  I’ve been so consumed by fixing it, I’ve all but forgotten the frustration of the weekend (seems EVERYONE wanted to spend Easter with us in the ER).  But, I finally have her cleaned up and running proper. 

And taxes … my tax room (dining room) is such a disaster, I can’t even bring myself to take a picture.

Meanwhile, DH is happy (like kid in a candy store happy).  He’s tearing up the concrete in his barn … in preparation for his car-lift (new toy) – kind of like this photo, although his garage will never be this tidy/spotless/clean …

IMG_20130402_201613_951      Car_on_lift

With all this fixing/organizing/demolishing – I’m rewarding myself with a night in the studio!

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