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T-8 hours

AKA – Dishes are still spinning …  Lil Sis will be home in 8 hours.  She has left Ghana, and is making her way from Amsterdam as I type.  I will be so glad to have her back in Michigan!!! We got… Read More

What a week!

And it’s only Wednesday … Oy Vay!  Woke up from my ‘nap’ on Monday to find my main/house computer dying.  So, I spent most of Tuesday trying to fix it, before accepting probable death and sending it off to the repair store… Read More

Let me introduce you …

To the coolest tool ever!  And such a small investment.  After struggling for years, look at what I can do … Such small holes!  It’s called a Dremel Work Station, and mine cost about $40 (I love Amazon!).      So, I’ve been… Read More

Spring cleaning …

Kinda … well, not really.  I’ve spent the last few days fighting with my computer (the browser), unable to surf my usual sites (including this one).  I’ve been so consumed by fixing it, I’ve all but forgotten the frustration of the weekend… Read More