What a week!

And it’s only Wednesday … Oy Vay!  Woke up from my ‘nap’ on Monday to find my main/house computer dying.  So, I spent most of Tuesday trying to fix it, before accepting probable death and sending it off to the repair store to (hopefully) retrieve several years worth of documents, contacts and photos … DOH!  [Lesson learned: backing info up only helps if you routinely, ACTUALLY do BACK IT UP …]

Little Sis and I got new hairdos, with her being bold and kind, whacking off ~12-14 inches to donate.  Her new do is cute and sassy, and will take me a bit to get used to …

We lost power last night due to the high winds … So when I finally made it out to the studio today, I discovered the non-functioning monitor to the studio computer – fried from the power surge … Grrr!

I have two kilns running now, as my coffin load waits for a few more items before starting it’s slumping firing … Here’s my poppy plate with reverse painted edges … Hmmm.  And, I decided to try another stamp painting – this one on papyros.  I hope to fire it tomorrow, maybe … we’ll see.


flower-stamp-plate   papyros-stamp

Lots to do before the weekend.  The good news – one of those things is bottling another 3 cases of wine.  Oh YEAH!  I am ready for some wine!


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