Waiting … and playing

While I wait for my production kiln to ‘spit out’ the last paintings, I’m playing with night lights, finger bowls, spoon rests and tapestry.  I am loving my studio!  I want to make more and more and more …


Crap! … I have work coming up (Dog-gone it!…).  But, DH had us down in Detroit earlier this week, at some Federal building – very, VERY early in the A.M. (– I still feel crummy from it), and now he says we have new passports.  (I’m pretty sure that’s good!)  And, through it all, I have incredibly cute puppies!  So, now I have to work.  Time to change hats for another weekend of ER nursing fun!  (Did I mention we have REALLY cute puppies?!?)


6-wk-Neo-pup   mahogany-girl-6-wks

Tapestry fun:


And, more …

happy-colors  because-I-could

I am also loving how my bird bowl fired … So, now I’ll have a coffin load for slumping coming up too.  Yep, luv my studio!


Just waiting to play now …

beach paradise

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