T-8 hours

AKA – Dishes are still spinning … 

Lil Sis will be home in 8 hours.  She has left Ghana, and is making her way from Amsterdam as I type.  I will be so glad to have her back in Michigan!!!

We got through our first adult-children Christmas fairly well, considering it was early in the week (still trying to flip from night-shift weekends) … I burnt the cinnamon rolls, but (- no one said anything …) it was wonderful to see the kids and great gifts were had by all!

I finally made it to my sister’s annual Christmas Eve.  She did an amazing job, it was sweet to see all sides of her (our) family gathered, and I was just a little weekend-punch-drunk/sleep-deprived slap-happy!  Winking smile

I slept 13 hours from Tuesday to Wednesday … I feel slightly brand-new!

Microsoft update killed my second computer (the one I use to keep our house/den/whelping box on close watch) on Sunday.  DH and I spent hours today trying to fix it, work around it, create a band-aid patch for it before accepting defeat.  Amazon to the rescue … [To be continued …]

Life as usual is starting again in the studio.  The bulldog sisters are keeping a close eye on me, as I begin the process of cleaning and organizing after the mad-dash TORNADO of Christmas prep … And, I’m still shipping studio/glass packages!  Thanks everyone!

I gave away ALL of my cards (50+) this Christmas.  Time to make some more … Smile

I took care of some wonderful patients in the ER last weekend.  Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for all, and a manageable load this coming pre-New-Year weekend!  And, if it can’t be manageable — please, let me continue to dodge the ‘direct-to-the-face’ crud-cough!

But, in the meantime … Lil Sis is coming home!!!


PS – the Neo pups are doing great … Cute puppy photos/update next week!

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