‘Twas 5 Days Before Christmas …

But – I work 12 night weekends, AND we’re celebrating with the extended family on Christmas Eve.  [Yes, on Monday – after I get home from work …] So, this girl has got to get BUSY!!!

Thank goodness for internet shopping.  Everything I didn’t make has been delivered safely to our house.  [BTW – thank you FedEx, UPS and USPS!] 

And, everything I made is either in the wash (felting – we ended with four pairs of slippers), in the kiln slumping, or boxed already and waiting to be wrapped!  I’m hoping DH will lend a hand with some of the wrapping …

last-pair-slippers gifts more-gifts-done

I’m still plugging away with items for the shop.  A huge thanks to all who’ve ordered, as I have been shipping every day! [Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!]

dec-night-lights  dec-spoon-rests

dead-phoneCanine news:  Rotunda (the Bulldog) ate my phone last week.  Not all the way, just enough nibbles to make sure it was useless.  So, my early Christmas gift to myself was ordering a replacement  phone and getting it shipped here pronto!  [Ro and I have talked, and she assures me that she feels terrible about killing the phone …]

On a happier note – the Neo pups are doing great!  At 3.5 weeks old, they’re making the transition to gruel nicely, and wearing as much as they eat!  Here’s a quick photo of Aurora, sitting pretty:aurora

So, I have a bit of time to wrap those gifts and (hopefully) get some holiday baking done before the weekend.  Tick tock, tick tock … Good thing I love a deadline! In love


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