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‘Twas 5 Days Before Christmas …

But – I work 12 night weekends, AND we’re celebrating with the extended family on Christmas Eve.  [Yes, on Monday – after I get home from work …] So, this girl has got to get BUSY!!! Thank goodness for internet shopping.  Everything… Read More

Staying Busy …

Tubby’s babies are growing, growing and GROWING!  Here’s a quick photo of a couple of her boys … Look who’s peeking! I’m still scratching out time to work in the studio – keeping stock up, filling orders, uploading shop listings:    And,… Read More

Merry Christmas!

I can say that – and mean it, now!  I’ve about reached the bottom of my to-do list in preparation for Christmas … time to sit back and enjoy some Egg Nog (spiked, of course). Grandpa will have no reason to yell… Read More

Back in business ….

Yayyyy!  My relays came today … and my production kiln is up and runnin’! Isn’t that a beautiful sight!  These (x2) were the culprits … and there’s John with his fat hands replacing the relays in that tiny little crowded space –… Read More