Staying Busy …

Tubby’s babies are growing, growing and GROWING!  Here’s a quick photo of a couple of her boys … Look who’s peeking!


I’m still scratching out time to work in the studio – keeping stock up, filling orders, uploading shop listings:

night-lights-&-ornamanets dec-ornaments-1 dec-ornaments-2


And, I’m still knitting … Only one pair done this week (so 2 more pair to go) …slippers-3-pair

While we are spending so much time with the pups, I decided to make some bone broth with the Thanksgiving turkey carcass.  That broth simmered for 3 days – and smelled so yummy.  I made a soup (modified Cabbage Kielbasa) with it today.  DH and I both loved it! 

turkey-bone-broth cabbage-kielbasa-bone-broth kielbasa-cabbage-soup

Time to switch gears and be an ER nurse for the weekend … Be safe out there!

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