No Rest for the Elves …

Here at Clayton Hill.  It’s all good, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Tubby had her babies – 7 beautiful, healthy, fat pups joined our gang on Saturday.


DH and I are smoothing out the process of providing 24/7 pup-watch coverage for mom and babies, while still getting chores and jobs done.  As it’s my calling, I have the night shift.  Smile

keeping-spoon-rests-stockedAgain, it’s all good, because the countdown to Christmas and all necessary prep has begun.  I’m keeping up on our shop items in batches.  I worked up a load of spoon rests for slumping. 

I got our murrini cane listed.  We finally added a coe96 version of the rainbow cane.

coe96-rainbow-murrini-cane  coe96-rainbow

And, I’ll have a few Christmas Tree Night Lights to add to our stock … Look for them in our shop next week.

more-tree-nite-lites   Christmas-tree-nightlight

In between stolen studio time, I’m prepping for Christmas and making slippers.  Huge knitted slippers, that I will felt (shrink down) to normal size.  Two pair down, 3 to go …


And when I need a break from knitting – I color.  I’m working on some unicorn cards, and I couldn’t resist the reindeer and fat Wanda – ready for a kiss.  I used my Zig Real Brush Markers … Because carting my Copics to the house would be a pain.  The blending isn’t great, but … I still wlEmoticon-redheart.png ’em!


Time to switch gears and think nurse-y thoughts for a weekend of ER fun.  No rest for this wicked elf!

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