Back in business ….

Yayyyy!  My relays came today … and my production kiln is up and runnin’!


Isn’t that a beautiful sight!  Smile

These (x2) were the culprits … and there’s John with his fat hands replacing the relays in that tiny little crowded space – it was touch and go for a minute, but we did it!  Smile


Meanwhile, I’ve committed to knitting my grandfather another pair of felted slippers … He likes them and he’s not real subtle about DEMANDING a new pair just about every time I see him.  But, at 86, he’s earned the right to be … lovingly snarly. 


Had another great compliment today … we’ve been going to the post office and UPS store daily – lots of shipping going on.  The staff at the UPS store today surprised me when I stopped in … ‘Ohh – it’s you!  We spent a long time looking on-line at your stuff yesterday … it’s beautiful … all of it … just amazing … I especially loved the Christmas Bowl!’  (She really kept going on like that …) Then she called her co-worker over and started all over again!  Wow … I don’t know if John paid them to go on like this, but … it was nice!  Smile

Took the boys Christmas (clothes) shopping today.  Just can’t beat shopping with boys … we were done in less than an hour, blew a sizeable wad of money and off we went.  No drama, no hesitancy or indecision … nice!

Had some romp time with Olivia, one of our Neo’s yesterday … she loves the snow!  Gotta sniff at it and shove your face RIGHT in it!  Then she wants hugs and kisses … silly girl!


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