Merry Christmas!

I can say that – and mean it, now!  I’ve about reached the bottom of my to-do list in preparation for Christmas … time to sit back and enjoy some Egg Nog (spiked, of course).

Grandpa will have no reason to yell at me this Christmas … here are his slippers:  Done knitting – looking like they’re made for a giant at this point; Fresh from the washing machine, felted … still need a ‘haircut’;  One done – one to go; Ready to dry – with 3 days to spare!  Ha!!  Smile


Got 99% of the gifts purchased – and wrapped!  Just need to pick up some stocking stuffers – which is on the list for tomorrow.  I’ll even have time to make some candles … Here’s my studio – turned into ‘wrapping central’, with a seasonal decoration – slumped bottle style:


I’ve been playing with some new color combinations in my production kiln … some good, some not so much … This first one must have reacted – it’s supposed to be transparent (with a small amount of opaque) blues, transparent amber and white … somewhere along the line it became a ‘blue coal’ swirling blob  – all black/gray and blue – not so attractive;  I’m liking the yellow/green blanks;  And there’s my daughter’s ‘Eclipse’ – now ready for slumping.

 Blue coal blob DeBubbling Eclipse blank

And a shot of the babies … we tried ‘gruel’ for the first time today, as they’re almost 4 wks old.  They weren’t too keen for it just yet – But Tunie loved it!  The babies are starting to realize there’s a bigger world out there than just their puppy bed … starting to think about exploring.  Smile


I’ll be working a bit over the holidays, but still plan on celebrating with family and friends.  Which is my wish for you – that you can enjoy quality time with those you love!  Merry Christmas!!


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