Limbo …

As an ER nurse, I don’t do ‘in limbo’ very well … but here I am … waiting for my part to come from the kiln company.  I called last week – customer service was great!  Very customer-friendly, and she assured me she’d get the part out to me right away.  (If you ever find yourself comparing kiln manufactures – I would recommend JenKen …)  So, now I’m anxiously checking the mailbox everyday … during the busiest mail season of the year, patiently waiting for my new relay switch.

With this extra time on my hands, I was playing around with Facebook, and am trying to create a studio page … if you’d like to see lots of pictures of glass bowls, ornaments, what-not … I did manage to upload those:  just search Clayton Hill Studio on Facebook.  Smile

I’m also wrapping up my gift to my uncle in Connecticut … every year we send a cheese/snack/candy basket, as my thought is everyone needs more empty calories around the holidays … so in keeping with tradition, I’m sending one of my bowls filled with Harry & David goodies.  Now to get it safely packaged and shipped … Disappointed smile

Christmas bowl/basket

I do have a couple of finished projects, from last weeks coffin slump, and I’ve been playing with beaded wire (on cheese spreaders – yep, trying to stay busy …) :

Latest Pretty in Pink bowlBlue Poppy plate - iridescent glassLarge Coffee n Cream Bowlnewest Christmas BowlSlumped textured wine bottle with glass beaded knife

And I have one lonely blank … my youngest daughter recently ‘hung out’ with me in the studio, and this is her first glass project, waiting for it’s turn for a de-bubbling run …  She’s named it ‘Eclipse’ … hmm – think she’s a Twilight fan? 

Eclipse slab

Tomorrow I’ll be away from the studio all day (mandatory day shift in-service – my favorite!) … with Michigan’s recent snowfall, and current temperatures – I’d much rather stay holed-up in the house … playing with the babies – who opened their eyes over the weekend!  Smile

Yorkie baby 2.5 wks oldAwww ... teddy bear face!

1 Comments on “Limbo …”

  1. I am coming over to pick up my long ago ordered goods….and a puppy. OK, not a puppy…but I wish I could. And I will NEVER be comparing kiln manufacturers. Though I suppose many of your readers might be; being glass folk! It is easier to look and buy from you. My artist friend. See you soon. Gonna call you asap. I did not realize Christmas was upon us.


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