Tag: glass fusing

Moving forward …

Just about running out of ideas to try for Miss Betty Boop.  I thought I had it figured out – a chemical reaction within the powders, but … I don’t think so now.  I think the charred/burnt look is actually the black… Read More

I think I ‘misthunk’ …Doh!

And it’s slowing me down.  But – better safe than sorry.  I was just about ready to run my ‘mosaic’ and frit coffin load when it occurred to me that I might want to full-fuse the bases to the tops (of about… Read More

Possessed …

But, you know, in a good way!  Came upon a few inspiring images and caught ‘a fever’.  I’m working on a peacock platter, fused mosaic style.  Here’s the rough lay-out.  Now to decide on the mosaic border – clear irid, pale yellow… Read More

WWU … gotta love those full moon weekends

While I was struggling with 20-somethings and difficult people this weekend … folks were tearing up the internet pages at Etsy … apparently Christmas shopping has begun!  Which is very cool.  I will try to focus on that – in the back… Read More

Limbo …

As an ER nurse, I don’t do ‘in limbo’ very well … but here I am … waiting for my part to come from the kiln company.  I called last week – customer service was great!  Very customer-friendly, and she assured me… Read More