Moving forward …

Just about running out of ideas to try for Miss Betty Boop.  I thought I had it figured out – a chemical reaction within the powders, but … I don’t think so now.  I think the charred/burnt look is actually the black base powder coming through, as the layers are so thin …  Here’s my most recent trial.  I put down the black base layer and covered it with clear – to prevent any powders from reacting.  After firing, I added the colored layers (all opal powders).   Overall, she looks deathly gray – until you hold her up to sunlight when you can see hints of the flesh tone coming through.  I have one more trial in the kiln and one more idea for her before I (temporarily) give up and stew …

gray-betty-boop   see-the-flesh-tone?   BB-learning

Meanwhile, I’m making blanks, as I finally realized I’m out of spoon rests.  And, I’m working on some requested dichro cabs (photos to come).


But for now – it’s time for a dip in the pool before I head off to a weekend of fun-filled ER nursing.  I’ll leave with a cute pic of Thor … such a handsome boy!

Clayton Hill Neo's Thor

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