Tag: trial and error

Cabbage-Fest …

Cabbage-fest has officially begun!  We cut into our Dutch Flathead this week.  Made the (Emeril) side dish – which I didn’t love, along with a huge pot of Smoked Sausage & Cabbage Soup – modified for my allergies … Which I do… Read More

Moving forward …

Just about running out of ideas to try for Miss Betty Boop.  I thought I had it figured out – a chemical reaction within the powders, but … I don’t think so now.  I think the charred/burnt look is actually the black… Read More


HA!  I knew I got that heat press for a reason!  Still fine tuning, but … this is promising! The kitchen is also mine again:  Great shrimp stir-fry for dinner – chocked full of veggies.  Then, I made some Cabbage Crack (Napa… Read More

Some things I have learned …

– It’s good to be (friends with) the King … – Mashed potatoes do not go well with ribs-n-beans … – Patience pays off (somewhat) … WWU – It’s Good to be (Friends with) the King:  All hail our ER director!  Yep,… Read More

I think I ‘misthunk’ …Doh!

And it’s slowing me down.  But – better safe than sorry.  I was just about ready to run my ‘mosaic’ and frit coffin load when it occurred to me that I might want to full-fuse the bases to the tops (of about… Read More