Some things I have learned …

– It’s good to be (friends with) the King …

– Mashed potatoes do not go well with ribs-n-beans …

– Patience pays off (somewhat) …

WWU – It’s Good to be (Friends with) the King:  All hail our ER director!  Yep, in the eleventh hour (or maybe it was the 23rd hour??? Anyway …) he opened doors, knocked down walls and parted the sea … (or maybe he got a patient admitted who had been waiting FOREVER in the face of “No beds!”)  All because I voiced a few (valid) concerns … Gotta Love Bob!

Of course mashed potatoes don’t go well with ribs-n-beans … but that’s what DH wanted.  Yuck!  I’ll be doing the menu planning for the rest of the week … Thanks anyway, honey.

Patience:  I’ve FINALLY had a few studio hours … Wahoo!  I played for a minute with the long forgotten dichro cabs … they’re coming along.


And, I’m working my way through another etching technique (from Glass Patterns Quarterly, Spring 2013) … but I’m having an issue.  Dichroic glass isn’t flat, it’s a little lumpy.  So my transfer mask didn’t cover fully.  I’ve got some ideas to try (I have a heat press WITH felt blanket, HA HA!) … but, here’s what I have right now:

pnp-trial  pnp-fail  pnp-almost

If it ever works, it should be a great tool for getting better/finer detail … And, I might get a bit more studio time this week … Fingers crossed!!!

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