WWU … gotta love those full moon weekends

While I was struggling with 20-somethings and difficult people this weekend … folks were tearing up the internet pages at Etsy … apparently Christmas shopping has begun!  Which is very cool.  I will try to focus on that – in the back of my mind, during future weekends … The benefit to having a computer-manned ‘store’ – it works even when you aren’t overseeing it.

full moon crazyBut back to whining about the weekend.  Did you know it was a full moon weekend?!?  Oh yeah!  Every time I attempted to forget – another behavioral medicine or bizarre-behavior’ed patient would hit the ER.  From revisiting 1970 ‘recreational drugs’ to a 6’3” Andre-the-Giant with … issues … and so many other strange cases in between.  I am so glad the weekend is over!    

winter swimmingI was so traumatized over it all, that on Monday, armed with ‘liquid courage’ (and the aid of a sunny Michigan Fall day), I braved the 67 degree temperatures reported by our pool thermometer for another POOL DAY!  I might have even gotten a little sun-burnt!

Studio News:  Tried ‘glass lace’ for the first time … kinda neat – and it’s got little project ideas running through my head … coral bowls, smaller snowflakes, etc.


More painted ornaments – getting there … almost enough for the coffin to run.  I hope to make some major progress this week.   And a couple of new bowl blanks.


But now, it’s 4am … time to think about sleeping for a bit or staying up for the day ….

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