Dichro/Ornament Central

So … it’s been a good week!  I’ve been a busy little elf … prepping and cooking glass.  FINALLY finished up some dichro cabs … ready for badge reels and photography.  I’m also playing with some permanent-fuse decals that I’ve had for a while now.  I like ‘em.  And, I have the next batch of cabs in the kiln as I type.  Should be all stocked up for a while!  But the ideas are still flowing, so …

ready-for-badge-reels  dichro-cabs-for-badge-reels  cabs-and-decals

And I’ve been grinding away at glass (yep, manicure is shot!).  Making progress on my cut-fused Christmas ornaments.  They’re still a ways off, but when I pull it together, it’ll be a whole coffin load.

painted-fused-glass-christmI’ve also been painting.  Here’s what you gotta know … I’m waiting (not so patiently) for liner brushes in the mail.  In the meantime, I’ve taken a brush and whacked it all up – all Barbie-hair-cut-style that little girls do … and I’m fighting with this brush for fine line, detail work … But, I’m winning.  I can’t wait ‘til those darn liner brushes get here – life will be super easy then!

Just came back from the township meeting.  Have our 5 year approval to continue to run our commercial kennel.  Sweet!  (We get to keep our babies!)  I’ve been so productive this week – it’s gotta be Miller time! 

miller time

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