Happy Anniversary … again!

This week marks the one year ‘anniversary’ of my blog … Wow!  What a difference a year can bring.  Lots of changes, good times and bad, but overall … Life is Good!  What will the next 365 days bring?

no-craziness-allowedWWU (Weekend Wrap Up … Hmmm, sounds like a sporting event.  I guess it kind of is … Smile):  Lots of feast and famine this weekend, busy/busy/busy then … nothing!  As a holiday weekend, had our fair share of intoxicants – both with and without police escorts.  I demoted myself a few weeks back – no more CAP program, no more charge.  And this weekend, I embraced the ‘just good care’ attitude (for the most part) – so, overall it was a fairly stress free couple of shifts.  I like it!!

YK-9monthsSpent several hours this evening with grooming duties for the Yorks … poor Yoda Kei.  As a complete BRAT(!), he will not let me brush him … so we had to cut and trim at mats and give him a short hair-do … He looks a tad bit scrawny and pathetic, but at least I can see his eyes and cute face again!

The Weekly Plan:  Sending the kids back to school tomorrow … 5:30am sure is going to come early!  But then I’ll have lots of studio time to wrap up the dichro cabs, do some more painting and finish up the bowls I’ve got going … My painted ornaments from last week:  As I didn’t layer them, and I took them to a full fuse, they shrunk (silly me for not realizing before hand …).  But – I still like them, and with this (shrinkage) reminder, I can work it in as a design element on future projects …


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