Be Careful What You Ask For …

When will I learn?!?  I’m an ER nurse … this means I’m a pretty superstitious sort – and yet … It looks like I’ll be slowing down in my studio after all … I’m receiving a thermocouple error on my production kiln.  (Which means it’s not running – AT ALL….)

Thermocouple ERROR!!!

 I’m hoping for a simple fix, but … we’ll see.  (Must be time to learn about HOW kilns work … really would have been happy waiting to learn about it, though.)  I discovered this ‘little problem’ as I was trying to fuse my next batch of spoon rests … I think they’ll be pretty (if) when I can get them fused/slumped.

 Emerald City Spoon Rests (future)

I do have the coffin running with a large collection of bowls for slumping …

 Coffin slumping

There’s another pink bowl (special request) in there.  Fortunately for my Number One Child (that would be John, the DH) – my production kiln didn’t die before I got this made, as he gave away my other pink bowl(!) … could’ve killed him earlier this week!  Instead, I sent him to Lansing to buy more pink glass.  AND, he’ll help me fix my kiln.  Then, maybe after a decade or so … I’ll forgive him.  Smile

Pretty in Pink (II) bowl

I have some more ornament ideas I want to try … And – some fun projects with shattered bottle glass (recycled wine bottles) … So, I need my production kiln back!

In the meantime, I’m playing with decorating cheese spreaders … kinda cute.  And, keeping myself busy making some Origami Christmas boxes:

 New (beaded) cheese spreader Origami Boxes

I’ll leave you with him … He’s from a previous litter, but still … too cute!  Meanwhile, Tunie and pups are doing great – eating, sleeping (and pups are growing).  Looks like we’ll be having another litter of Yorks (from our Monet), due around (ON??) Christmas day … Smile


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