A time to reflect …

Saturday’s craft show was good.  And I learned so much that day … now, it’s time to figure out the best way to move forward.  We did well – not great, but good.  My ‘hope’ had been to sell so much, that I essentially cleared off my dining room table, making room for the next series of projects.  Basically an unrealistic goal, I know …

Our booth

We had tons of compliments … The best was the lady that said, as she approached our ‘thrown together’ display …“Ohhhhh – REAL art!”  While she didn’t buy anything – it was a great compliment.  It also pointed out that a craft show in a rural, country/farming community is probably not our best venue.  We were ‘competing’ with toy swords made of foam and pipe insulation/tubing, mason jar candles and decorations made from Christmas floral picks … Great stuff – just not ‘artsy’ …

My on-line shops have been steadily picking up traffic over the months compared to when I first ‘opened’ them, but … neither bazaars nor on-line sales are enough to even partially recoup costs of supplies I like to ‘burn through’ (ha ha) … To date, this is my most expensive hobby – by far (and John thought yarn was expensive! Smile) … While I certainly have enough supplies to keep at it for quite a while yet, I just can’t justify the ‘hog wild’ spending spree I’ve had over the last 13 months … So, my dilemma – trudge on and find some other venues (galleries, more ‘artsy’ shows, something else?), slow down (and maybe lose the interest/traffic I’ve built up), or walk away …

There are folks that make a lifestyle involving traveling from show to show.  With my current work schedule, our kids the age that they are, and our four-legged family – that’s just not an option.  I don’t think I’d enjoy it, even if it was …

The flip side I believe I know to be true – even though I’m not a ‘business major’:  Expect financial loss for at least a year or more  … As it’s just a hobby, and not a means of support – I certainly have time to reflect before I make any decisions …


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