Bubonic Plague …

So – I got my Tetanus/Pertussis immunization shot on Monday morning, and have felt like road-kill all week … sore muscles, achy joints, headache, my arm is red/swollen and John tells me it’s now including my forearm area … I’m either reacting to my shot or I have the Plague … While I’m glad I won’t be inadvertently  passing Whooping Cough on to some poor infant – I sure wish I’d known I was going to feel like this all week.

In the meantime, I’ve tried to stay productive in the studio.  Somewhere along the line, I decided I wanted to make more ornaments … I have 19 cooling in the kiln now.  With that much time at the grinder, I wonder when I’ll get sensation back in my fingers …

While trying to decide how to set up for the craft show, I’ve been taking stock of our stock.  We’ve made some 90+ bowls this year, 50+ dichroic cabs, 8 night lights, 30+ ornaments, 50+ magnets and 30+ slumped bottles (and a Partridge in a Pear Tree) … Wow!  I guess I really like my new hobby.  Smile  But back to prepping for the show – it’s amazing how small 10X6 feet is … In my head, we’d have room for so much more … Just not enough room, so we decided to skip the night-lights, as that display is too big.   I’ll try to take a photo or two once we actually set up, but you get the general idea … And, we decided to bring our electronic photo frame, filled with process pics and our stock – kinda neat:

Entry way rough 'display'  Slide show picture frame

The coffin loaded with future Poppy plates (iridescent glass) and ornaments:

 Ornaments and Poppy plates New ornament - pre-firing

The coffin loaded with the final batch of blanks for de-bubbling – which should give me time to slump tomorrow … um, I mean later today:

Last step before slumping

Time to sleep for a bit … Then I need to clean up this studio!!  But the Yorks say it’s bed-time (and poor Winston has some awful bed-head) …

Studio madness - where's the maid? Sleepy Yorks

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