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Cuz Moms CAN!

Been a busy week here at Clayton Hill!  But a great week, too! * I’ve been busy in the studio – in stolen ‘patches’ of time – which may make me more productive (???).  I have new dichroic cabs (that will become pendants,… Read More

Bubonic Plague …

So – I got my Tetanus/Pertussis immunization shot on Monday morning, and have felt like road-kill all week … sore muscles, achy joints, headache, my arm is red/swollen and John tells me it’s now including my forearm area … I’m either reacting to… Read More

Tick … Tock …

At the end of the day – a good story:  Tunie had her pups on Thanksgiving day … 2 boys and a girl.  On Saturday she went to the vet – she wasn’t eating, had a fever and I thought I could… Read More

Tis the Season

Oh My Gosh!  Who snuck that full-moon weekend in there without warning me?!?  Lordy, this past weekend was tough!  And, to make it so much MORE fun … we have officially entered the next round of the (never-ending) ‘flu season’.  Yesterday is an… Read More