Tick … Tock …

At the end of the day – a good story:  Tunie had her pups on Thanksgiving day … 2 boys and a girl.  On Saturday she went to the vet – she wasn’t eating, had a fever and I thought I could still feel ‘something’ in her belly.  She had an emergency section, as she had retained POC’s (‘fetal stuff’).  She is now doing great – as are her pups.  She’s back to her spunky, finicky self – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Smile

Tunie and her 3 babiesOur youngest son had the flu on Thanksgiving day – so his big ‘feast’ was Ginger Ale.  But he loved the turkey sandwiches on Friday.  All is healthy and well at home.  OK, not well – as I’ve started the neurotic dash for the craft show.  Even though I promised myself low-maintenance/no stress – I just can’t do it.  The kilns will run round-the-clock till the wee hours of the morning Saturday … More ornaments came out this weekend, bottles slumping as I type, and the poor production kiln will be running non-stop.  I’ve got just enough time for one last major coffin slumping (had one this weekend too) – so the blanks will keep coming …  And, I want to try to squeak out a few more poppy plates (in iridescent red, blue and peach).  And – I’ve got an idea that might work nice for an ornament I want to try … I know, I know … I make MYSELF crazy!

More ornaments New blue bowl

Dickens II bowl Blue Moon Bowl

Decadence II bowl Alchemy Bowl

 Speaking of which – this weekend certainly was (crazy) – at work.  I was in charge on Sunday (WHY anyone thinks that is a good idea, I don’t know) … Apparently in honor of the largest shopping weekend of the year, we too, decided to pick up the volume … At one point, we had received, triaged, and settled seven ambulances in under an hour …. uggghhh!  And, unfortunately, as we get closer and closer to the holidays, we’ll see more depressed, suicidal/overdose patients …  Bah Humbug!!  On a brighter note (??), I met a woman this weekend that I want to have adopt me.  She had a displaced wrist fracture (means broken REALLY bad).  I was a couple of minutes into triaging her before she casually pointed it out.  OH MY!  OUCH!!  When we got to (my) dreaded question in triage, “on a scale of 0-10, how bad is your pain?”  She, again casually says, “I have a pretty high pain tolerance … but this hurts … maybe a 5 …” as she flops her upper arm/elbow to bring her wrist up onto her lap!  My HERO!!!  Which is why I’m keeping my whining to a minimum … I got my latest mandatory shot at work (tetanus/pertussis booster) – and my arm is SORE!  Smile

Since it’s been so long since we ‘worked’ a craft show, we’ll be setting up our ‘booth’ in the dining room this week, to figure out how to safely display all our GLASS for perusing pleasure … (I‘ll have nightmares when I DO sleep this week about monster children with grabby fingers tossing glass bowls in the air …) But, I started tonight with our small jewelry box …

Jewelry box 

Time to make the donuts … um, I mean cut the glass … Smile  But here are a couple of photos of Tunie’s little Doberman Mice … no really – they’re Yorkshire Terrier pups!

Tunie baby Tunie baby Tunie baby

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