Happy Thanksgiving!

Since Tunie is still very pregnant and sticking very close – she gets up every time I do, the poor little heifer … now is a good time to sit at the computer.  We just might have Thanksgiving babies … how wonderful!

And – John surprised me with a new gift … It’s awesome!  And tell me – who doesn’t want a ‘Black Bull’???  (You’re jealous, right? Smile)  It’s a sandblasting cabinet … no more outside in freezing weather, dripping wet to sand the blanks … And – when I get around to it, I can play with etching glass too!

 Black Bull

I put some of my ornaments in the kiln last night … they turned out so cute!  I’m thrilled with these stupid little things!  The poor kids had to ooh and ahh at dinner over them … multiple times!!  I don’t know how long I spent bent over the kiln placing all the darn white frit (snowflakes and Santa’s beard) – on the plus side, it was probably good P.T. for my knee.  Anyway … here’s the before and afters:

 ready for cookin' Pretty little ornaments

 Aventurine tree Santa

'Frosty' 'Rudy'

I have a new blank running in the production kiln now … using a new color (pale gray), so – we’ll see tomorrow …  After sandblasting in the ‘Bull’, I should be able to get my next coffin run going … Yay – then slumping!! Smile

Spent some time (OK, a long time) rough cutting some spoon rests at the saw … ever since we broke the blade, I am very gentle with the saw.  Anyway, here they are – they’ll need to go in with the coffin run to flow them out (and thin them down), before they’ll be slump-able, but you get the idea:

 future spoon rests

And – I re-ran the purple and green blank that I was unhappy with in the last post … much better now:

 original - dark blank New - improved blank

I’ll spend tomorrow playing Martha Stewart in the kitchen – no studio time, but good family time.  I am thankful and blessed – a great family (two and four-legged), a hobby I love, a profession I’m proud to be a part of, and wonderful friends!  Oh – and after the flu on Monday – I have my health back!  Smile  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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