Tis the Season

Oh My Gosh!  Who snuck that full-moon weekend in there without warning me?!?  Lordy, this past weekend was tough!  And, to make it so much MORE fun … we have officially entered the next round of the (never-ending) ‘flu season’. 

Yesterday is an achy, feverish, nauseated, coughing, sniffling BLUR for me, as my MANDATORY flu shot did nothing to keep me protected.  But – unlike what (feels like) EVERY other member of my community does – I suffered at home, in bed alone without calling an ambulance or visiting the ER.  I guess I figure, if nothing else – the last 36 hours is a good weight-loss technique, as we enter the holiday season, and all that food.  And – I’m sleeping and napping like I’m ready for the nursing home!

So – work in the studio is getting off to a slow start this week.  I did work on a few quick and easy ornaments late last week;  A trinket sized rough blank in pink and blues; Did another coffin bottle-slumping – I like the textured clear bottles – and I LOVE this bottle – how cool!  Final slumped some trinket bowls and the (second) Amethyst & Peridot spoon rest; I completed a requested green and purple blank, but wasn’t pleased with it (I have it against my window/door, which is the only way the colors showed off) … so after cutting it up into little pieces – sweating like a pig, as my fever broke, at the saw – I’ve got it running through the production kiln again, this time with more whispy-white/clear.  We’ll see;  And a couple of quick pendants to add to our collection for the upcoming craft show.

More ornaments Pink & blue rough blank

Clear textured slumped bottle Silk screened slumped wine bottle - very Cool!

Trinket bowls Amethyst & Peridot spoon rest (#2)

Green/purple blank - I don't like it Simple dichro pendants

Did some of my favorite internet shopping … glass supplies coming my way, all the way from North Carolina!  $50 freight charge … ooooh those are gonna be some BIG boxes!  Smile   Shopping – a better cure for what ails ‘ya than any medicine.  That’s it for now.  My ibuprofen must be wearing off, or I’m working up to a hot flash … either way, must be time for another nap!

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