Embracing insomnia …

Might as well – since I can’t sleep.  I’m on puppy watch – as my York, Petunia (Tunie) is due any day now … so, I tinker and surf and organize and plan and … everything but sleep.

Had a work in-service yesterday, brushing up on my OB skills since our local hospital decided to close it’s Labor unit.  Not sure why that’s in the best interests of the community, but – there it is.  While I hope to never ‘catch’ a two-legged baby (I deliver pups all the time) … it might be kinda cool if I can talk some eternally grateful Mom into naming her child after me … Smile

While surfing for glass ideas, I came across some fused ornaments that talked to me, so I’ve spent a few hours in the studio slicing up my fingers working on tiny bits of glass and grinding my manicure away … but I like what I’ve got going.  I have a few more ideas that I’ll get to later today, but here’s what I have ready for the kiln so far …

Penguins – I love ‘em.  I have a mini-tree in the rec room that I leave up all year long, dedicated to penguin ornaments … Aren’t these cute?  Yeah – they still need eyes, I think I’ll try drip fusing black stringer for the eyes … haven’t tried that yet, but it appears pretty easy (famous last words …)


And a Santa … same thing with the eyes, but I sharpied some in for now – cuz he needed them!  🙂


Had a coffin slumping … got our Christmas bowl done, photo’d and in the shops; Some requested items, and a few others just because I liked the color combinations …  I’ve spent the last few days working on special requests … it’s fun, but challenging too, since I’m trying to create what I THINK someone is describing/asking for … I’m making myself a little crazy with it, but it’s all good.

Coffin slump  Christmas Bowl

Tortoise Shell Bowl New 'decandence' blank

Completed special request version 1 3 versions of special request

I’ve been running the production kiln with lots of blanks, so I’m hoping to have another big (coffin) slump run next week.  I’m fire polishing pendants and spoon-rests now …

That’s it – all the news that’s fit to print.  I’ll leave you with my rationale for not sleeping … HE’s sleeping enough for BOTH of us … Yep, DH slept all night and now he’s ‘keeping me company’ – catching his after-breakfast nap, snoring away …Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Why I can't sleep ...

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