And they’re off …

So starts the countdown … for the holidays.  Since I’ve decided to turn my little hobby into a business of sorts, I didn’t realize the additional ‘stress’ I willingly added to my load.  Hmmm … crazy me.  But it’s all good.  I can handle it.  I love stress.  Yep.  Sure.  Thanksgiving, craft show, Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating (did I mention we put up 3 trees … a 12 footer, 9 footer and an ‘arch tree’ that looks beautiful over my entry way door …) and CHRISTMAS …  All while working my 2 jobs, having puppies (1, maybe 2 litters expected – loads of fun, but still ‘work’ – especially at delivery time …), keeping up with the DH (and his business) and – of course, maintaining my June Cleaver household/kids (haha) … Wow – if I were prone to panic attacks – I might just have one. 

BTW – for those NOT aware – 45 days till Christmas …

 Arch Tree

It’s all good.  Business is picking up in the shops, thanks to the fast approaching holidays.  So, work in the studio continues.  I have photos … :  Our completed, decorated up-cycled cheese/hors d’oeuvre trays (yes – they’re sitting upright – but it shows off the neat texture), complete with (new) recycled ‘raffia’ and cheese knives; blanks (one trial – shooting for requested burgundy, cream and brown – hmmm, not sure where the olive color came from); spoon rests (trying to stock up); and dichro pendant – wire wrapped.

completed upcycled bottles close-up bottles

trial blank larger blank

Spoon rests Simple wire wrapped pendant

Got through my birthday.  I feel loved.  My co-workers are awesome, having a mammoth pot-luck for me.  ‘Course it might just have been because night-shifters love food … but, still … Smile  I received hugs and kisses from my TEENAGERS!  (I KNOW, right??? – 2 of them boys!!!)  And my husband has finally come around to accepting that the entire MONTH of November is MINE – cart blanche for shopping!  Yep, I feel loved!  Smile

With faces like this looking at you … how can you not feel loved???Neapolitan Mastiff pup

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