Time marches on …

Feeling a little blah this week … maybe it’s preparing for winter hibernation (mine) or mentally preparing to acknowledge another birthday … anyway, not much in the studio by way of creativity.  It’s been a busy week too though – DARN SANE meeting (people suck!), appointments, airport runs, voting, lots of emails and phone calls  … Wow – no wonder I feel blah! 

A few pendants to add (one of them .925 silver wrapped – see the twisting in the middle, kinda?), along with a wine stopper:

 simple pendant simple pendants and wine stopper 

silver wrapped pendant

A neat bottle (Twisted Smirnoff), and a pretty blank (I do like these colors):

 Twisted slumped bottle blank

A spoon rest (no, not UM colors, our local high school’s colors) and a larger platter/bowl – not quite the 16 inches I was shooting for, but a good 14 inches anyway …  I guess it’s not ALL about size, as I think this turned out pretty sharp:

 Eagles spoon rest Blues Platter

I’m soaking more bottles now, prepping my next ‘blank’ run, and mentally working around why I’m struggling with PMC … here’s my first attempt.  It’s definitely different than working with play-doh or even polymer clay.  Hmmmm …


And our Drucilla (Dru – one of the ‘ugly [step] sisters’, along with her sister – our Anastasia) watching over us as we pack the last of the summer outdoor ‘stuff’ away …


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