The list(s) …

The first round of our dichroic pendants and badge reels is in the production kiln for fire-polishing.  I am hopeful we’ll have some new finished pieces by the end of this week!

pendants and badge reels - last trip in the kiln

The large blue blank is slumping in the coffin, along with a couple of wine bottles that needed texturing and the blue/yellow spoon rest.  The studio will be warm tonight!

Large blue blank, more bottles and a spoon rest

I also have a sink-full of new bottles soaking for round one of scrubbing/sterilizing. 

The plan is to keep both kilns running much of this week … I love that! (Although, I refuse to think about the heat bill …)

Did get some additional photos taken … uploaded cheese trays and wine dishes to the shops.  Am playing around with ‘when to upload’ to see if it makes any difference (the time of day) regarding shop traffic – in my Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS) head – it’s got to all even out in the wash, but we’ll see … (‘experts’ claim it matters – but don’t identify when.)  Tomorrow, I will upload some additional items at a different hour of the day.

Wine bottle serving tray (the back - showing off texture) Wine bottle dishes

Magnum dish
Remember this ... my large blue bottle. Here it is, ready for candy! 🙂

Ordered some ‘stuff’ to prepare for the craft show … bags in various sizes, bubble wrap, tissue paper, etc. … I won’t say how much, as I didn’t warn the significant other.  He seemed to think it would be okay to just use “lots of plastic grocery bags”… He never has understood the importance of presentation.  My attempts at ‘gourmet’ dinners are always wasted … 

I have a hankerin’ to make some more soy candles … hmm – which scents to choose.  Although – I am starting to have ‘storage problems’ … I keep telling John, “I’m OK, I’m just THIS SIDE [still ‘normal’] of a hoarder …” (But – if I keep this up … ???)

my candle scents ... Candles ... just a few

Huh – that’s it.  That’s all I’ve got floating around in here.  Except maybe to add – we (my coworkers and I) got through the full-moon weekend pretty easy … I did get to cardiovert a patient on Sunday – always fun to electrocute someone in the name of helping them.  It worked.  As the patient was rolling out via ambulance transport, he thanked us for his “electrifying stay” … Smile

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