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November 17-24, 2017

Wow, what a week!  We started with Arts & Greens … A special Thank You(!) to all who stopped, shopped and visited with us!!!  We had a great time, despite the torrential pouring of rain that was oozing down the greenhouse wall,… Read More

A minute to relax …

We had our show.  It was great!  A lot of work, but what a wonderful end to our ‘season’!  Here is our 24 foot long ‘booth’ (the only photo I took, as we were still setting up … DOH!) In the meantime,… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’d say Happy Turkey Day … but we had ham.  Was my youngest daughter a little bummed?  Maybe … But – since she didn’t move her lazy-butt off the couch all doggone day … I’m not impressed by her vote.  And, while… Read More

Thanksgiving …

I have a lot to be thankful for … Thanksgiving went off without a hitch, no one got sick, I got through the day with minimal thoughts of – and NO ACTUAL – maiming of family members(!), and with all of these left-overs – I won’t be… Read More

I am thankful … in my way

My refrigerator died yesterday … but I am thankful that we have more than one!  DH didn’t realize the ‘puddle’ in front of the fridge was due to everything defrosting … so I am thankful we have the large four-legged family that… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since Tunie is still very pregnant and sticking very close – she gets up every time I do, the poor little heifer … now is a good time to sit at the computer.  We just might have Thanksgiving babies … how wonderful!… Read More