Happy Thanksgiving …

We had a great Thanksgiving day!  DH and I prepped all we could the night before, including our (now) traditional bacon-wrapped herb-butter turkey, green bean casserole, hanky pankies and spanakopitas (although we didn’t bust into those on Thursday).  On Thanksgiving day, I made my mashup of 3 different Whiskey Apple Stuffing recipes and our family favorite (red skin) mashed potatoes.  Along with a vat of homemade gravy, croissants, pecan and pumpkin pies … What a fea(s)t!  All the kids came and DH and I feel very blessed!


sweet potato gratinOur oldest baby girl surprised us with Sweet Potato Gratin with Goat Cheese.  I love sweet potatoes (DH does not), but didn’t think I liked goat cheese … This stuff is amazing, even DH loves it.  Thank you baby girl ~ and thank you Kalyn!

I had two kilns cooking in the studio for most of the week.  Here are the requested sun-catchers and I moved along some Christmas tree night lights:


sympathy-cardI also put together a beautiful card I’d been itching to make since discovering itVintage Cloche by Grace Rose on Pinterest.

I did a bit of research on Ravelry for my next knitting project … as it’s getting to be that time of year.  I hope to start this hat next week:

I’ll leave with this sunrise photo DH caught this week (Michigan in November), so pretty!  Have a great weekend Y’all ~ and please stay out of the E.R.’s … Winking smile


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