On The Mend …

Both physically and creatively – with baby steps! 

I must not have been successful at the dodging-and-weaving game with our swarm of flu/URI-crud patients last weekend in the E.R. … I’ve been fighting sinus pain/snot and body aches this week – the best way I know:  Lots of vitamin C (orange juice), strong heart-pawmedicine (ummm, maybe vodka), and loads of sleep.  I crashed hard for 15+ hours yesterday!  And woke feeling almost human … Yay!!!

So, this evening I worked on  a special request glass project (will be ornaments/sun catchers once complete).  Here’s the design, and the glass discs waiting for the kiln/step 2.


foiling-bdayAnd then I wanted to do something with cards.  So, I opted to try making my own toner sheet with our laser printer to foil a die cut ‘Happy Birthday’ sentiment.  It was pretty successful,  and I like the cut-out centers too …  I hope to bust out some stamp sets and do a bit of (copic) coloring soon.

making-my-own-toner-sheet  foilded-bday-cards

One of our 2-legged babies has asked for potato soup, so DH and I are cooking up a full ham dinner (ham, cheesy potatoes, vegetable medley) later today.  Then we can whip up a batch of the much-loved soup, all before Thanksgiving and the crazy feast we make to celebrate that day!  (I know, the sacrifices we make for our kids …  Smile )

Leaving with a cute photo of Miss Linda Blue, who is 7 months old now.  Such a lovable  little bug! heart-emoji



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