Thanksgiving High …

to a nursing LOW … But first – we had a wonderful Thanksgiving, our kids, et. al. joined us for our (now traditional) bacon wrapped herb/butter encrusted masterpiece. [OK – this one was not so beautiful on the outside – I opted for thick-cut bacon … delicious, but not so pretty!]  Even our oldest seemed to notice (for the first time?) how amazing all cuts of our Turkey tasted … not just the dark meat.


The main dish was supplemented with Hanky Pankies (a Thompson/Purdy tradition thanks to my dear This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is hanky-panky_thumb.jpggrandmother, carried on to her great grandkids!), my favorite blend of apple whiskey stuffing recipes, [our] house-famous garlic mashed potatoes, green bean casserole from our garden, and a  wonderful gravy made from the drippings, fruits, vegetables and bacon that dressed the bird. Our oldest daughter brought the newer family favorite of sweet potatoes with goat cheese … Round the meal out with croissants, pecan pie and homemade pumpkin cheesecake … All I can say is IT WAS AMAZING – and thank goodness we only eat this way once a year!!!  I’m officially calling Thanksgiving 2020 a success, and I feel truly blessed!  (Hanky Panky – not my photo – but that’s what they look like – and taste even BETTER! [Photo credit])

And then I went back to work last weekend – to suffer a HUGE nursing LOW!  It was difficult, it was painful, it had me seriously considering an immediate job change at 1am … An elderly patient with profound dementia, being fawned over by the adult child … 

I understand the dilemma – the feelings of frustration with inability to actually help your loved one as the unbelievably SLOW medical cogs turn … Does that mean you should be offering your ER nurse up as sacrifice to provide a pedicure, multiple bouts of repositioning, 8 more warm blankets, with a side of 3 more pillows strategically placed (in as yet unknown places) …. ???  … Hmmmm, not so much!  Add to it, the patient is Covid positive – so this HOT MAMA (thoroughly embracing power surges/hot flashes multiple times each day) needs to don the Costume of Death … The mask that only recirculates your own CO2, the Xanadu headband meets Dr. Who visor – that slips all over the place as your ‘sexy sheen’ puddles/pools and drips across your forehead and down your face.  The (fully plastic but disposable/maybe reusable/use it a few times …???) scrub covering.  Heck … no one knows its life expectancy – but it’s plastic so it helps to retain all covid nursing apparelthat extra heat your hormones gleefully generate all by yourself, without any additional stress or conflict required … 

The pt (with profound dementia) is aware that urine is dribbling – so continues to announce a need to urinate.   So, we – the adult child and I ‘COMPROMISED’ … We agreed to change the brief whenever it was suggested – like 5 times over a two hour period.  How do I properly educate this frustrated family member?  How do I survive these locked-in/locked-down room calls that raise my internal temperature to nearing flash point, literally …  It was 5 1/2 hours of my life, but they were the most demanding, uncomfortable, frustrating, non-Florence-like hours of my life … with a bunch of sweaty garb thrown on top (of me) just to make certain I was SAFE miserable!  We ended this fun-fest with a surprise staff meeting …

I’ve asked before for pointers/tips/tricks on how to re-align unrealistic family and/or patient expectations.  There was no simple/real answer provided.  We topped this glorious shift off with a staff meeting. This was the message, ‘Don’t have potlucks, don’t do the things you have traditionally done to keep your team strong and bonded.  None of those things are an option, but what can we [management] do to help?!?’

I’m back in my studio, thank YOU Sweet Baby Jesus – where I can decide when and if I want to create.  So I have … Christmas cards, birthday cards, a few more Christmas tree night lights and a custom request for ornaments.  I’m almost over the trauma of the weekend – I’m only having the occasional night mares/flash-back …  Later today, I plan to cut murrini and package, take photos and make listings …

xmas-cards xmas-bday-cards gnome-joy-card

xmas-tree-nite-lites ornament-requests

Gina-pregnantAll while we watch over our Gina … who is large and uncomfortable, and due any day now!  Thank goodness for puppy-breath … It heals in all the best ways!!!

I have one more day to get over last weekend … I can do it!!!  Happy weekend y’all!

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