Cruising along … But, I don’t want to ‘People’ …

Cruising along – at 90 MPH, and I hit a little speed bump.  WTH … Why is my RLQ aching and throbbing?  ‘Forget-about-it’, was what shouted through my head.  But wait … what is this intense burning in my RUQ about?  OK, ‘Pansy’ – Do you have a fever?  Nope, HR is 85.   But – there is redness (more than typical) to my ‘Hollis’ gut!  Take Motrin!  I vomited the first dose (600mg), but kept the 2nd dose (400mg) down nicely.  WTH???

I’m expected back in the ER.  I want to go back to the ER.  I can’t handle any more of DH with his uncharted canine delivery questions.  HE did not write the breeding dates down.  (OK – he says he did, and then threw the monthly page away on our calendar … WTH?!?)

It is so much worse than our first few canine pregnancies (back when we were clueless!) … She twitches, he’s rushing her to the vet.  We’ve been 3 times this week, just to determine she is pregnant and progressing normally!


Please, let me go back to work!  But good-golly(!) what is this sh*t going on in my right abdomen?!?  Well shoot, my RUQ frickin’ hurts … it HURTS!cellulitis

I’m not ‘people-ing’  this week.  After too many encounters with disgruntled, whiney, entitled, millennial BRATZ – I’m not people-ing!  So, this abdominal discomfort is alarming … Do I have to ‘People’?   Well … S.H.*.T.!!!   Wait a minute …  Oh my Goodness, it burns!!!  WTHeck?

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