Goodbye 2020 …

So, another catch-up post.  I’ve been missing in action because my alien baby, Hollis decided to come back (abdominal cellulitis) about 3 weeks ago.  I had daily visits to my Doc for antibiotic injections, changed up the oral antibiotics and I’m now waddling with a 5-6 month pregnant-look (improved).  Fun times!

We managed a vitrigraph glass pull, opting for shades of purple in coe96.

coe96-purples-stack  grape-crush-coe96-murrini

Then we had puppies.  Our Gina loves her blue and tawny babies.  And they are too-stinking cute.ginas-pups

We made it through the INSANE(!) mad-dash to fully prepare for Christmas, while maintaining pup watch.  Meanwhile our Georgie was growing her pregnant belly by the hour!  We opted for Christmas ‘brunch’ with the kids (- the menu was unusual, but it worked!).  We had a great time – the food was good, the presents appreciated and the company was wonderful!  (… MINUS ONE[!] … Unfortunately, our oldest son couldn’t come as he is responsibly self-isolating, having tested Covid positive.  We plan to have a special dinner with him for gifts and good food, once he is feeling better.)

We ended Christmas day with DH running Georgie to our emergency vet, as the poor girl was so big, she couldn’t lay down anymore.  They got home just after midnight and our four legged family has grown by 13 puppies.  We are running two nurseries, with 24/7 watch … OH MY!!!


bread-machineThen, I made a quick escape to squeeze in a weekend of ER nursing fun, and here we are, all up to date … Santa sent a bread machine for Christmas, and I have our first loaf cooking as I type [fingers crossed].  Earlier I made a big vat of Creamy Chicken Vegetable soup, after making chicken bone broth yesterday.  It’s pretty amazing …

chicken-bone--broth vegetables-in-bone-broth creamy-chicken-vegetable-soup

Some other highlights: I made a couple of cute snowmen … a gift tag and a not-yet-finished card top.

snowman-gift-tag  snowman-card-in-progress

We gave the Ladies a bale of straw in their run.  Ava and Tosh (the Polish girls) love it!


I’m looking forward to closing the books on 2020, and I am hopeful for a serene, healthy 2021!  Happy New Year, Y’all!

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